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One of my sweetest memories was the moment I first met one of my close friends in person, maostar, (She lives in Portugal and I live in Spain so it’s complicated) back in 2011.

We’d been talking for 2 years and we decided to meet up in a place during my school trip to Portugal, to see and hug each other and stuff. I was waiting for her behind a handrail when someone came to me and said “hey”. It happened to be her and it took me a minute or two to realise.

The best part of it it’s that I had to dodge a group of German tourists that was there (it was a really big group ;_;) just to let myself fall into her arms. We were together for about an hour and it was slightly awkward but it was one of the sweetest moments ever. We even bought matching bracelets and took photos ;_; It was really nice.

Te quieto tanto

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Lost time is never found again. (by Daniel)